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I Met My Soul Mate Two Days After Joining!

I met my Soul Mate two days after joining the site, and we drove together across the country three weeks after meeting! I joined and created my profile on 5/4/09 and immediately began the search for my ideal partner. It was overwhelming, at first, because there were many interesting people. After reviewing several profiles, I received a message on 5/6/09 from my love, after he noticed that I had viewed his profile.

He later told me, "I had a feeling that if I didn't do something (such as send a message), I would be making the biggest mistake of my life." And he was right, because we instantly felt an incredible connection. We chatted for hours every night, and 5 days after our initial chat, he mentioned that he was flying to the east, and that day, we began our plans to personally meet.

We live 1700 miles apart: him towards the west coast and I, living in the east coast. Three and a half weeks later, we met in Maryland and from there, we began our four-day road trip to New Mexico. We drove through 7 different states and enjoyed and fully experienced every moment. It is absolutely amazing to meet someone online and connect with them spiritually, and then to meet them in person and have every expectation exceeded, is a manifested miracle!

Our energies are aligned in every way: we constantly share identical thoughts at the same moment. I arrived home, yesterday, from our romantic novel-like adventure, and we have begun planning our move together and on living happily ever after.

I am so grateful for my loving ideal partner and for the perfect relationship that we share, and I'd like to thank the site for creating this wonderful website, and because of it, Chris and I have found each other. Life reflects perfection!

UPDATE: I wrote our success story in June. As of now, Chris and I moved together to a new city (and to a new state for Chris). We live with excitement, gratitude, peace and in bliss.

We both thank you deeply.

Manifesting Wonders At Every Moment,

Elaine & Chris