Success Stories


The other miracle!

Hello Joy,

The Quest paid off far more than my wildest dreams.  I had a vision of the ideal woman and Lynds is inifinitely more compatible than my mind could ever create. I am in total awe of the relationship we are creating and often humbled to tears of joy.

I can feel the unconditional love of God pouring through Lynds heart of soul and at the same time she and I are very human and vulnerable which only evokes the tenderest loving feelings.  Like Lynds, the essay questions really underscored both my own clarity and being able to see a clear picture of her consciousness, which radiated in her profile in a way that I was and have been astounded by and she is everything she said and much much more.

Thank you for being a part of the connection Lynds and I have begun and I wish others the same experience in finding the love of their lives as we have.  She is even beyond soulmate and as we discovered we truly are twin souls.

I heard it said once (or more) that when your thinking goes from "Can I live with them" to  "I can't bear the thought of living without them", you've really found a special connection.  I love Lynds with all my heart and soul forever.  I feel she is literally a part of my own flesh and blood as well as heart and soul.

I wish your site great success, especially for those of us who find the truest spiritually conscious connection to be a sacred aspect of creating a lifelong love.

Thank you from the bottom of my heart,