Success Stories


Met a great man!

Good morning,

Please remove the profile. I used your web site for several months and met a great man. Thank you for providing this service.


Quality Members

Hi Joy, Thanks, again! I actually met a very nice person through your site last time I was on. We got together a few times and e-mailed a lot. It has become a nice friendship with lots in common, but it isn´t meant to be more intimate. At least not now. I was particularly pleased with the quality of this person and the respectful and gentle way we have handled our friendship. Thanks for your efforts to keep the site up. Meeting this person has made a very positive impact on my life and I feel more confident about being able to meet all my relationship goals.


Spiritually Conscious People...

Thanks for your message and for the information on my Pay Pal payment. And, yes, in fact I have met someone special! Not only only have we connected in a wonderful way, she’ll also be moving here to my home city once she sells her condo. So, I would say my experience with the web site was quite a success! Again, thanks. I’m very grateful for a web site oriented towards spiritually conscious people, as it narrows down the respondents to those I’d be more likely to have core values in common with. And, much to my delight, my new partner also shares other values that are...

I am no longer available!

"I'm writing to ask that you remove my profile. I have met someone through your site and am thrilled to say that I'm no longer available.

Love, D"

Someone Special Found Again!

I am happy to say that I made a wonderful connection on your site and am pursuing a loving, caring relationship with a beautiful woman. Great job in bringing people together. I feel that your site will make a BIG difference for many people looking for that "special someone" to connect with.

Thank you, Bill

The one special person!

Thank you for your service this past month. My objective in signing up was to contact one person I felt strong affinity with, and in fact, we have made a strong connection and are exploring our potential.

Thank you again! Namaste`

Awesome, wonderful man!

Thank you and please remove me from your website. I have met an awesome, wonderful man thanks to you!


Bright Days and Magical Nights!

I feel very fortunate and exhilarated to write that my beloved and I have come together through your website. Many years and missed opportunites have come and gone, but now the days are bright and the nights magical. We feel very blessed. Your site is like a great searchlight--may you shine on!


Just Amazing

I am writing to ask you to remove my profile, for the great reason that I met a wonderful man on your site and we have moved in together. I doubt our paths ever would have crossed had we not met on this site. That strikes me as just amazing.

Best regards, Pascha


Blessings: I have connected with someone and no longer wish to have my profile on your service. Thank you for ALL you are & ALL you do!

Every JOY Darlene

Heart Connection

Thank you for offering this wonderful service, I have made contact with some amazing people here. I have recently met a wonderful man through your site, we have made a beautiful heart connection and I am ready to explore us further. Please remove my profile.

Peace and Light to You and All, Diana

Too Successful!

Unfortunately, your site has been so SUCCESSFUL...that I´m going to have to discontinue my membership. And he might discontinue his as well you need to be LESS efficient in helping all of us find our soulmates...! HA! I´ve met someone that I think may well be someone important in my life...thank you VERY much for having the brilliant idea of coming up with this website. I think my subscription will be over in a few I won´t be needing to renew it.

Thanks again! F

Love of my life

I met him, the love of my life. his screenname was *--* and he was with you too. Thanks and please remove my profile. Keep up the GREAT work!


The Right Place

Thank you!! I have met someone through your service and it has all been a pleasure. I need to now remove my profile from the site. Thanks for being the right place for me to meet someone new. "C"


I would like to discontinue my membership as I found a woman and am pretty well ´ensconsed´ right now. Please remove my profile and do not charge my credit card any more. Thank you. You have a great site and I´ve met some nice women through it. Please confirm when the above is completed. Thanks. Terry

The "ONE"

Please delete my profile entirely from your website...I finally met someone on your site, and we just met in person in Santa Fe this weekend...he´s definitely "the one." YAY! Once we tie the knot...barring anything terrible that goes wrong between now and the end of the year, we´ll send you a formal testimonial letter, and pictures, of course!!!! Keep up the AMAZING work...and we, of course, send much positive karma your way! Thanks, "F"

Just the details left

Hi, I wanted to write and let you know that I would like my profile removed. I have met a wonderful lady through your site and I see no reason to continue. There are some things to be worked out such as her finishing her masters and winding down her affairs so she can relocate, but...those are details. Thank you so much J

The most wonderful compatible...

I´m writing to ask that my profile be removed from your site. Thanks to your wonderful site, I´ve met the most wonderful and compatible person I could ever hope to meet. The site does live up to it promises. Thanks again! Jeff

Down the street and didn´t...

John and I met on your site and frequently quip that we had to go out on the World Wide Web to meet each other living 4 miles away. We became good friends, activity partners and spoke daily for quite a while. Eventually we took a hiking trip together and spent a long weekend together. On the ride back home we talked about the feelings developing between us. Then we started serious types of discussion and within a few weeks declared our love. Marriage is planned for Thanksgiving week! We are thrilled to have found each other! Thanks for deleting my profile. Susan

Blissfully happy

Hello, I have met somebody from your site, and I am blissfully happy (and even engaged). When we have the time, we will write an official testimonial for you together. I am also going to talk to my fiance about our sending you a donation as another way of expressing our gratitude and saying "thank you". Sincerely, Heather